Michelle Obama Makes Surprise Appearance at 2019 Grammys


Michelle Obama

Surprise Grammys Drop-In

Met With Roaring Reception

2/10/2019 5:35 PM PST

Michelle Obama just rocked the house at the 2019 Grammy Awards — and before she could even get four words out on the importance of music … she was interrupted by cheers.

The former First Lady made a surprise appearance Sunday at the Grammys alongside Jada Pinkett-Smith, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and host Alicia Keys. After Jada discussed respecting everyone’s voice in the music industry, Michelle took the mic … but had a hard time getting her speech started ’cause people were losing their minds.

Eventually, after Michelle told folks to settle down, she talked about the wide ranging musical genres that got her through tough moments in life, and reiterated just how impactful music is to pretty much everyone.

In typical Obama fashion, Michelle sounded just as good as ever in her delivery … and this reception proves she’s still one of America’s favorite people to hear from.

Tough act to follow, for sure. 

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