Colton Underwood and Cassie Talk Virginity and Marriage


Colton and Cassie

Here’s What We Have to Say

… About Virginity and Marriage!!!

3/16/2019 7:03 AM PDT


Colton Underwood and Cassie know how to say a lot and a little at the same time … so we found out at LAX.

The freshly-minted couple had just landed when our photog — an avid “Bachelor” fan — peppered them with questions, ranging from virginity to marriage.

On the subject of marriage, one’s coy and the other’s pretty definitive. You never know what’s gonna happen in a week or so when they venture to Sin City.  

On the subject of virginity … well, the show certainly made it fair game. Our guy tried 6 ways from Sunday to get an answer. Check it out. 

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